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Ayahuasca is a potion that is made out of two Amazon herbs. One of the herbs contains the psychoactive molecule DMT. The Amazon tribes have been drinking this potion for thousands of years; they use it for physical, psychological and spiritual healing. It’s all about the approach of deep wisdom, associated with visions and guidance.
Ayahuasca is a ‘healer’, teacher, the key to a door that opens the inter-dimensional world. The ones who have consumed ayahuasca claim that they experienced spiritual revelations about the nature of the Universe, about their purpose on Earth.
Some say this is a spiritual awakening equally associated with rebirth. People report that they’ve reached higher spiritual dimensions after consuming the potion and at the same time they were able to communicate with various spiritual or extra-dimensional beings, who may act as guides or healers.
Amazon tribes and Westerners as well, have reported some of the experiences after consuming the ‘holy’ herb – Ayahuasca. These are some of them:
Everything is consciousness. Everything is vibration, even thoughts, ideas and emotions. Everything is made up of the same fundamental geometries. 
There is no separation. Consuming ayahuasca may help you enter the state of non-duality or the unity of consciousness. Since beingaya3in such state, you’ll know that separation is an illusion. All life forms and matter are connected with the source – the universal consciousness. The perception of separation, powered by the ego, prevents us from learning the Truths.
Love and light are the foundation of everything that is. Love is a vibration, it is the fabric that makes up all-that-is. The darkness only exists to help us understand the light. The contrast needs to exist to create balance. 
Negative thoughts block the light. Having bad thoughts about someone or something brings you pain both mentally and emotionally. Negative emotions can overwhelm you in a second, so keep your mind and heart clear.
Life is just a dream. The reality in which we live in is just a thick dream. We are moving through our wakened life unconsciously, following the already structured design of society.
Attention, intention and will are key to bending your reality. Attention lies in the middle of our conscious awareness. If you point your attention to a specific thing, new ideas arise, learning becomes faster and (Read more HERE)

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