Monday, August 24, 2015

KARMA: The real cause of reincarnation

According to the  philosophical concepts, man is composed of two fundamental principles opposed to each other per nature: one spiritual, the souland the other material, the body The Soul is eternal, immutable, not born, not created, indestructible; instead, the body is temporal, created, mutable, destructible.
The union between soul and body is not essential, but is accidental It is a type of imprisonment or a penalty which the soul has to undergo due to Ignorance(Loss of Consciousness) and karma, to which it is associated from all eternity.
Beyond-birth-and-death-Samsara-570x1000It Signifies the ignorance, Ignorance of the true nature of Soul or of the distorted vision in which the soul identifies itself or confounds itself with the psycho-physical organism. Due to ignorance the soul which is eternal and non-temporal, is caught up in time; gets joined to physical body. Birth is the union of the eternal and spiritual soul with the material and temporal body.
The nature of birth, that is, the condition of the body to which the Soul  gets united, depends on karma. Karma (Pali, Kamma, Tib., las; Chin., yeh or yin-k1lo;Jpn., go or inga), based on the Sanskrit verbal root he, signifies action, every sort of action, whether good or bad, meritorious or non-meritorious, religious or worldly; here, however, karma signifies the moral debit of the actions which one has done.
Every action inevitably produces its own fruit and the subject (actor) has necessarily to experience all the consequences of his own actions. A person’s behavior leads irrevocably to an appropriate reward or punishment commensurate with that behavior.
It is the inevitable law of retribution or the law of karma. It is the law of cause and effect applied to the life of every individual, law according to which every one gathers the fruit of what one has sowed or undergoes the effect of his own actions.
The effects of all the actions which a person does cannot be experienced (lived) during one single existence, because while the subject (actor) experiences the fruit of some act, does other actions in the meantime, and therefore gains new fruits which have to be experienced. From this fact is deduced that the soul has to be reborn repeatedly. So it is believed that the soul from all eternity is undergoing birth and rebirth due to this inviolable law of karma. Thus is born the doctrine of the transfiguration of the soul. It is a corollary of the doctrine of karma.
The entire process of reincarnation of the soul according to the law of karma is called Karma-the material worldIt means “to wander or pass through a series of states or conditions.” the material world is the beginning-less cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, a process impelled by karma. Life, therefore, is not determined or limited to... (read more HERE)

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