6 Tips for a Great Meditation Posture

Sitting in a good meditation posture seems to be a predominant obstacle for people to start a meditation practice or to keep going. These tips are to inspire people to find their own great meditation posture. The importance of a good posture is vital and even though meditation can be done anywhere at any time sitting in a great meditation posture has many benefits. It helps improve breathing capacity, stops the development of back and neck ache and actually affects your mood in a significant way. Sitting in a great posture helps to maintain an even state of mind, encourages a positive attitude, allows subtle energy to flow freely and adds a sense of nobility and grace to your meditation practice.

1) Let your spine be like a stack of coins. In classic Buddhist texts the explanation to keep a great posture is to imagine your spine is a stack of coins. Now these instructions may have been before x-rays and chiropractors informing us of the natural curvature of the spine but the tip still has great value. It gives a nice sense of balance and stability to imagine the stack of coins and if you lean too far forward or back or too far left or right you can easily imagine the coins tumbling over.

2) Become a puppet on a string. Imagine you were held up by a string coming from the centre of your crown. Gain a sense of the string lifting you upward. This helps to elongate the spine drawing the energy upward, making you feel lighter and straight. To make this a great posture use your in breath to draw upward being pulled up by the string and use your out breath to relax the shoulders, neck, arms and importantly relax the facial muscles. Use this in and out breath to gain beautiful alignment and relaxation – the benchmarks of a great posture.

3) Sit like a mountain. An important element of a good posture is stillness and stability. A great Meditation Masters advice is to to sit like a mountain, unmovable, stable and also majestic. Once you have developed alignment and relaxation in your posture.... (read more HERE)

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