5 Simple Strategies for Beating Procrastination Once and for All

Among the hardest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is our reluctance to take the first step in a project, then dragging things out too long. Simple lack of motivation can leave us stuck, seemingly unable to get started on the projects we set out to do, let alone have them finished and shipped.
Procrastination is familiar to all of us. During my 10 years as an entrepreneur, the past three working from a laptop while traveling the world with my family, I have come up with five simple strategies to stay on task and do the work needed to grow my business.

1. Do the one thing.

One of the great causes of procrastination is that large tasks appear overwhelming. All large tasks can be broken down to smaller, more manageable pieces and then focused on one at a time.
As Gary Keller said in his book The One Thing, "It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world."
We need to break down all of our goals and projects into smaller chunks. This is how we avoid being overwhelmed. No matter how large a project is, it can always be broken into smaller pieces that allow us to get started and work in a logical sequence until completion.

2. Set deadlines.

Deadlines, whether self-imposed or set by your customers or partners,  force us to get things done. An end in sight always makes work easier to accomplish. Tasks tend not to be concrete in our minds without a clearly defined deadline. That lack of clarity causes procrastination.
As creatives and entrepreneurs, deadlines often have a negative connotation as regimented and are to be avoided at all costs, but the opposite is true. "The ultimate inspiration is the deadline," says Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese Pizza.

3. Done is better than perfect.

Striving for perfection has been the death of many brilliant ideas, products, books and businesses. It is essential that we always strive to do our absolute best, but... (read more HERE)

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