You are constantly receiving information from your environment, not only through your five senses, but also through your auric field! You are able to perceive when someone is staring at you without seeing them, you can sense how somebody is feeling despite a facade, and you find some people to be energizing while others might be draining.
Your aura is an extension of you. It is the energy field that surrounds your body. Many ancient cultures believe that illness first starts because of a weakness in the aura. Maintaining your auric field cleansed, strong and complete, will bring optimal health and wellbeing to you!
As your aura interacts with your surroundings, it is good for it to be strong, so that it acts as a flexible boundary, as a protective shield, filtering out anything that could harm you, stress you, drain you, or get you sick. Also, when your aura is strong, you feel more you, more connected to your truth and your own wisdom.

Whether you practice meditation on your own or in a group, in silence or with a guided meditation, you are in for a wonderful healing!  
Meditation is one of the most ancient and easiest ways to achieve health, relaxation, and happiness!
2- REIKI ATTUNEMENT: Reiki Attunements strengthen and expand the auric field. It is said that auras normally expand ten or twelve inches from the body, but after reiki Attunements, it can expand  up to nine feet. There is tremendous empowerment in learning how to heal yourself! Your inner knowing, intuition and inner strength will dramatically increase.
Healthy-Foods3- FITNESS AND HEALTHY HABITS: Exercising in a park, hiking enjoying the fresh air, practicing breathing exercises under the sun, connecting with the elements such as in stepping on grass barefoot…
these are wonderful ways to strengthen your energy field!  Martial Arts are also a path towards empowerment.  Thanks to Martial Arts I could pursue my Healing Arts and Spiritual path without feeling ungrounded.  It certainly gave me strong roots!
4- SOUND HEALING: Sound Healing and Mantras dissolve negativity and clean your energetic field.  They also help expand your (read more HERE)
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