Say something

(credits to Jessica Marie Rovira )
Just say something..
Tell me you don't love me, and that you never did.
Tell me you're in love with someone else.
Tell me you love me but you're just not ready..
Tell me something..
Tell me anything.
I just need to know where I stand with you..
If I even stand with you at all.
I don't know anything about you because you keep yourself so tight and tied up like a box.
I want to open you up with the excitement of a kid unwrapping a Christmas present on Christmas Day..
But with the patience of an elder, taking my time, peeling off the tape ever so slowly not to rip the paper.
I want to taste your darkness.
I want to savor your light.
I want to swim in your thoughts and be the one you confide in..
The one you know you can trust to handle your fragile heart.
Know I will be gentle.
I will be patient, but I need you to say something.
I need you to tell me..
Tell me how I make you feel..
Do I annoy you?
Do I piss you off?
Do I make you feel strong?
Do I make you feel wanted?
Do I scare you?
I want to know the things that tick you off and how you manage your anger.
I want to know what you do when you're sad and who you call, or if you even call anyone at all.
Is there someone out there that treats you better than me, loves you better than me, fucks you better than me?
If so, tell me..
Break me..
Kill me..
Love me..
Set me free.
Either way, please say something.

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