Twins: The Alchemy of Change

How many times did you just beg the Universe not to go through any more tests any more betrayals or any kind of pain?
And how many times did you go through various tests and horrible moments just to come out a bit more dead?

A bit more dead each time,
a bit more empty.

But this is how it goes. A bit more dead, a bit more empty just to be a bit more alive, a bit of a space to fill with new attributes, new ways of perception arise through that newly made empty space.
 Is it nice?
 Does these processes invoke happiness and excitement? NO.
And yes you are right.

No one wants to go out of the comfort zone of the Ego and its demands, its expectations, its path towards self centered patterns of egotistical satisfaction as its voice its soooo soothing, so comforting, so tempting. Here eat this, have this meaningless experience, claim this without taking count other peoples emotions and feelings. 

Here go away from this love as it is challenging whatever you learned so far, all of your expectations are about to get rocked, hell yeah run away from the most precious people you had because they challenged your Ego, because their love is true and it doesn't come with what you have been expecting, but it comes with constructive chaos that brings CHANGE. 

Keep running away. 
Run away from true happiness, avoid pain at any cost. 
Yes now its my time to laugh. 

As I embraced pain all of those years, as I didn't run away, as I gave fights just to become the one I always was. My self. My true self. Yes I gone through pain as my Ego was there as it is in everyone. Yes I got abandoned, yes I got abused, verbally, physically you name it. As I had to find ways to 1353352206417677heal my self and others. I had to find ways to silence the voice within that reminded my hell in my every breath, was it easy for Gods sake? 

Hell no. 

But warriors and Kings rise from the alchemical processes of the Universe that are meant to build a psyche stronger than anything, that are meant to clear past Karma from previous mistakes, that are meant to teach and guide you to higher realms of understanding and perception. The process varies from individual to individual but it has the same final purpose. To push each and every one of us to return Home, to return back to the Source. But we can't go back homewith the fleshy temporary paradigm of the old decaying world. We are becoming true genuine Lightworkers who have as a purpose to serve humanity in its transition to the new levels of consciousness, to the new Earth.

So my dear ones, endure. 
Don't hide away from pain but instead embrace it. 
Accept it, accept the process with faith to the positive outcome. 
And also have in mind that. For the ice to melt heat is required. 
And if you want it to melt faster more heat is required. Faster results, more intensity. Great warriors, big tests. You are already there, accept your Self, accept your duty to be different and stronger. Through the alchemical processes of the Universe you will become the Alchemist himself. Endure. Prevail. Become. You ARE. I AM.

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